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English people have this say, To kick the bucket, which they use to refer to the less inspiring – let’s say it – horrible idea of dying. One by one, each of us will, one day, kick the bloody bucket. Aside from all the meditation retreats, lucky charms and psychoanalysis sessions some people normally use to peacefully live with this cumbersome roomy – death – this post is meant to share with you something much simpler, and highly basic. I’ve done it by grabbing my favourite pens and a couple of paper sheets ( I am a very old-fashioned kind of gal: I love ink and paper); other people may just choose the way they prefer and take some time for themselves to make a list of the things-they-absolutely-have-to-do-before-dying: let’s write down a bucket list, indeed!

I generally ENJOY writing lists, the longer the better. So, a bucket list was just the perfect excuse to write down another one. But, you know, the thing is:

  1. I don’t feel like thinking about my death. At all!
  2. I really hope it’ll happen as late as possible, and I want to think that the things I’ll do before I die will be influenced by the person I still have to become: so many factors (relocations, relationships, inspirations, work, etc.) will be involved, that my wishes will, as well, evolve with them, I’m sure.

Therefore, I gave myself a deadline (deadline, ah ah): five years to feed my spirit, as well as my eyes and my taste, to invest on my personal growth, to satisfy some of my curiosities. I wrote a customized bucket list: a 5-year-bucket list. In four years from now (one year has already passed), I’d like to look back, smile and start over, with a new plan.

My 5-year-bucket list does not contain any particularly impressive goal, like “become a Hollywood star”, “climb up Everest” or “make out with Hugh Grant”. First of all, things like becoming successful and famous in the show biz or make out with Hugh Grant may not entirely depend on my willingness, nore on my – though renowned – organization skills.

I’d rather use my time exploring myself and my skills, overcoming some of my “self-obstacles”, treating myself with something nice, every now and then. I don’t care about becoming the new Gaga (what’s more important, here: I won’t be the one to decide); singing a whole song with no mistakes and a nice voice, that would be very rewarding, instead. Or being cool in front of a cicada. This sort of things, you know.

I gave myself some time to think about it and, around one year ago, I finally wrote down my 5-years-bucket list. I made several lists, divided by category, and used a small piece of paper for each.

consigli/suggestions 5-year-bucket list

In the picture you can see some of these small sheets, as well as the 2015 Christmas issue of Flow France.

Then, I put all the sheets in a purple envelope, which is now coming with me every day, wherever I go. My bucket list is actually a bucket-envelope:

bucket envelope

If you want to know what will keep me busy in the next four years or if you’re looking for inspirations, here is my

5-year-bucket list

I have highlighted the things that I’ve already accomplished and commented in brackets those tasks which take longer to be completed. I will keep editing this post colouring entries and adding comments, in order to keep track of my progress.


January 1st, 2016 – December 31st, 2020


  • Open a blog 🙂
  • Write a poem
  • Write a haiku
  • Write a children story
  • Imagine and write down the plot and structure for a book
  • Imagine the screenplay of a movie
  • Make a painting
  • Shoot a video
  • Spend a whole day taking photographs
  • Draw something 
  • Make a family photo album


  • Try singing classes 
  • Try a painting course
  • Try acting
  • Try playing an instrument
  • Try salsa classes
  • Try online courses about subjects I don’t know
  • Master German
  • Learn Schweizer Deutsch
  • Start with Japanese // Chinese lessons
  • Read a random book about an unknown subject
  • Cook a boeuf bourguignon
  • Go to the disco once
  • Learn USA countries by heart
  • Meditate 30 days in a row
  • Go to at least one concert every year
  • Take part in a meditation retreat 
  • Go to the shrink (again)
  • Go on a car trip (and drive)


  • Learn how to drill holes in a wall
  • Learn how to fix the bike chain
  • Plunge from a high rock
  • Touch a filthy animal
  • Sit on the sand with no towel
  • Go out in the rain with no umbrella
  • Learn how to ski
  • Try climbing


  • Attend swimming classes
  • Go to a yoga workshop 
  • Touch the floor without bending my knees
  • Try pilates
  • Try to ride a horse
  • Go for a Bodensee tour by bike
  • Go to the spa 
  • Do a sauna
  • Go for a massage


  • Explore Apulia, my home region in Italy
  • Explore Italy: Giardino dei Tarocchi (Tuscany), Sardinia, Sicily, Friuli, Venice
  • Explore Europe: Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia
  • Explore the “neighborhood”: Switzerland, Vorarlberg and Germany
  • Go to Japan
  • Go to the USA
  • Go to India
  • Go to Australia // New Zealand


  • Dante’s Commedia (I’ve almost finished the Inferno)
  • A poetry book
  • Finish the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the galaxy
  • Du côté de chez Swann
  • On the road
  • Siddharta 
  • The Odyssey




  • Go to see a living nativity scene
  • Build the X-mas creche with mum and dad again
  • Go to a carnival party
  • Go to a runway show // fashion week
  • Stay in silence for 24 hours
  • Be vegan for one week
  • Be vegetarian for one month
  • Celebrate a birthday at home again
  • Go see the cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Go to a “sagra” (local festival with a lot of food and people)
  • Milk a cow
  • Pay for a stranger at the bar
  • Plant a tree and watch it grow
  • Give food to someone begging
  • Take the train and get off in random places
  • Write down grannies’ recipes
  • Go under the  St. Vito’s stone (unfortunately, I only found links in Italian)
  • Play with my old games
  • Dye my hair
  • Buy a pair of fabulous shoes
  • Try 100 new recipes (I’ve tried 16 this year)

Not bad, uh? I’m not expecting this to be super-easy… but I’ll work hard! Because, if I gotta kick it, I’m gonna kick the shit out of it!

If you also want to make a bucket list and need inspirations,  The Internet will feed your interest. There is even a community, Bucketlist.org, where to look for inspirations, manage your lists and keep track of the progress. I have to be clear here: I don’t like the serious and “business-like” approach of the website; nevertheless, I’ve decided to mention the community for those people who prefer to handle online their bucket lists or are interested in the “social” aspect of the topic. Plus, also Bucketlist.org provides many activities, divided by categories, to include in one’s bucket list and can serve as a good inspiration.

For the ones who already have a bucket list: what are the things you absolutely want to do in your life or in the next couple of years? What stupid little things, God knows why, you haven’t tried yet? Is there something you really don’t have the courage to do but would like to challenge? I’d like to know!

For now, have fun and enjoy your bucket!

(Images edited through Snappa and Be Funky)

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