At the end of the year, already busy with good habits and to do lists for next one, I decided to choose and share a bunch of photographs to summarize my 2016 – or at least the moments which I was able to fix in pictures. Here is my

2016 in a bunch of pictures


2016 in fotografie - Corso rock'n'roll
Rock’n’roll class!


2016 in fotografie - La piscina
This year I found out I have a brand new passion for the swimming pool. I would have never believed it possible, but sports no longer scare me… oh yeah!


2016 in fotografie - Calendario dell'avvento
Make a hand-made advent calendar is a tradition I truly love. This is the “2016 edition”.


2016 in fotografie - Berlino
A city which disappointed me a little, but I’m afraid it’s because I picked the wrong itineraries… I definitely have to go back and have a second look.


2016 in fotografie - Venezia
Venice truly thrilled me. I am looking forward to breathing again that smell of clean laundry and to feeling my heart beat while I walk in the tiny alleys.


Il mio 2016 in fotografie - il compleanno a casa
I was 18 when I last spent a birthday at home. This year, after cake and family pictures, I also had some time to go to the seaside, to MY seaside.


neda river
The source of Neda River, in Peloponnese, Greece. Breath-taking… and self-explanatory.


Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Walenstadt
Walensee seen from Walenstadt, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. So beautiful that Franz Liszt described it in his Années de pèlerinage.



Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Lucerna
Lucerne, adorable.


Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Padova
The only photograph I took in Padua, a city I just A D O R E D .


Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Ballare in un locale davanti a tutti
A night out, during a break at a concert, a quick salsa lesson: the apprentice-assistant was me. From spectator to “protagonist”: a little bit of shame and a lot of happiness.


Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Roma
Rome, I will always come back to you. And always, just like the very first time, or even more, you will make me cry a little bit; you will hurt me a bit, too, but I will, always, come back to you.


Fuori concorso
Il mio 2016 in fotografie - Inferno
… “E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle”, the last line of Dante’s Inferno. I read all of it this year! Next year is for Purgatorio, and 2018 for Paradiso…


You can’t describe a whole year in a bunch of pictures. There are thoughts, emotions, feelings – often conflicting – that you cannot summarize in words, let alone pictures. These photographs simply say that this year I grew up a bit and, what’s more, I was often very, very happy. Therefore, I like what these pictures have to say; I’d like to go through those moments again and to share them. And I’d like to say thanks one last time.

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