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7 reasons (+1) WHY I LOVE PLEASE LIKE ME

Summary: Please like me is an Australian TV serie, its characters are cool guys I’d love to be BFF with, and they deal with interesting – and quite often absurde – events. With no spoilers, and definitely without being serious, I took a note of the reasons why I was captivated, and I thought I’d share them with you. No time to waste: you’ll have four seasons to catch up with, after reading!

The theme song

It’s just beautiful, nothing to add. When I go to the toilet, at work, I sing it to myself and suddenly feel as cool and cute as Josh, while everything around me seems to be glittered. Listen:

how do AUSTRALIANs talk?

The sole contact with Australia I’ve had in my life is that Australian colleague of mine who refused, God knows why, to let me use his Nespresso machine (and who, after my silent curses, decided to move and looked for another job).

I had never watched an Australian TV show and I didn’t have a clue about how Australian may sound. Anyway, when I hear a new language or, like in this case, a new version of a language I can speak, I’m always fascinated: its pronunciation, its sayings…

Australian people speak English, a derivative of the Queen’s English, whose slang is though very, very different. Please like me taught me a lot about it – or should I say it taught me heaps about it? It taught me so much I’m dying to wander around Australia in my flip flops showing off my knowledge.

Three examples, the most frequent in the show, and my personal musts spring-summer 2017:

  • G’Day!
  • Heaps: synonym of “a lot”
  • Stuff up: synonym of “screw up”

Ask questions: the Internet (e.g., here) will feed your curiosity.

ARNOLD can sing

I really did not understand why everybody made fun of you at some point, but I, Arnold, will always be on your side! You rock, babe.

Here, Arnold sings Chandelier – and he’s awesome. 

Quoting LOVE ACTUALLY always works

Arnold, lovey, you can sing, indeed, but please somedody explain to me why you had not watched Love actually yet… anyway, I like you and I appreciated very much your attempt to make it up to all of us.

After all, dear Arnold, you and I are the same, and we know pretty damn well when to use crayons and paper to rule the world. Bravo!


Spoiler alert: the rooster dies, but we do know how to get over it:

click, click, click!

 If it was still not clear: we loooove singing, ok?


Josh cooks, a lot, and I just love this. Especially when he shakes his booty and sings. Cooking has a fundamental role in Please like me, because Josh Thomas, who invented the show and plays the protagonist character, is an enthusiast himself.

gay cake please like me

All episodes’ titles  (except for the 3×08) are related to foods or drinks, that are normally* prepared or referred to during the episode.

pancakes with faces please like me

Speaking of which: if you’d like Josh to teach you how to prepare pancakes with faces, this is for you (also, Josh competed in Celebrity Masterchef and appeared as guest in Celebrity Come Dine With Me Australia: we should definitely trust him, shouldn’t we?)

This, instead, if for people who feel like trying out some of the recipes in the show.

Oh yeah, you’re most welcome!

love scenes

Because they are just beautiful, because they make me cry, and yes, also because if we saw more gay people making out, this would be a far better world.

gay sex please like me

On top of all this: amazing actors and characters dealing with quite delicate matters with a levity which is, at the same time, a deep sensibility, simply make of Please like me a masterpiece.

The first three seasons are available on Netflix; for the fourth one, have a look at the black market.

Who does not watch it is Donald Trump!

PS: if you want to stalk the celebs, be social and follow:

And remember: who does not watch Please like me is Donald Trump!


* “Normally” is to be conservative: I don’t remember everything by heart, and if I have to watch all seasons again, I’d better quit my job or publish this post next year.


Pics and gifs stolen borrowed by the Internet.

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