I am an emigrant 2.0. My half-serious diary  Alles Tip Top ! is online!

As I explained here,

Alles Tip Top ! will be an experiment; a challenge; a trip.”

It will be an experiment, because it’s the first time that I seriously engage myself into regularly writing and sharing my written thoughts, the very first time that I plan a schedule and try to keep up to it. It’s not the first time I open a blog, but the old one was just a bucket where I used to throw my sadness every once in a while, until I realized that was not useful at all. It only lasted for a couple of months.

This time, I feel that I may have something to share, though very simple, that most of the time is related to my everyday life. I may: that’s the experiment. Taking the courage to share and see what happens; facing the consequences, bad or good (or simply absent) as they may be. Here’s the challenge, too.

Through Alles Tip Top !, I will try to reconnect with this old habit of mine -writing- I was no longer in touch with. Definitely, a good, even therapeutic habit, that was waiting for me to get to terms with it again, after a period when I couldn’t get myself to write down one sigle thought without the certainty of being ashamed of it two seconds later.

The recovery happened a couple of years ago, completely unexpected: it started with me taking notes of the talks with my shrink. And, all of a sudden, I realized that those notes had turned from simple lists to full texts, to which I had started to add my feelings and intuitions; and I was no longer embarassed reading them the day after! That’s how I started to write down my thoughts again, to overcome the fear of later shame.

Quite some time later, here I am, thinking a little bigger and trying to open myself through a BLOG.

Alles Tip Top ! will be a trip, because it will reflect my personal development through its words, its pictures, its (I hope!) feedbacks. I would like it to be also a container full of memories, filled with a bunch of nice things I’m grateful for, with inspirations for my readers, with things to laugh about… basically, a treasure chest full of many other things I probably don’t know yet.

This is the main reason why I’m writing again; it’s not the only one – of that I’m sure. I am convinced that writing is a way to sit alone thinking and to listen to oneself; in other words: writing is, for me, one of the ways to take care of myself. Plus, it’s something reminding me that I am something else, something more than  just an engineer sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop. Not that I dislike it; but there’s more than that in me, more that I can be. And, since I am the one deciding what to be and how many people I want to be, I have just decided that Alles Tip Top ! is one of these. I really hope you get along with her.

Alles Tip Top ! is online, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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