As you have already noticed, English translations are available for some of the posts in Alles Tip Top !. Unfortunately, not for all of them: I wish the blog were my only job, so that I could spread all of my thoughts in two languages; unfortunately, the spare time after work and household only allows me to translate a part of what I write.

When you leave abroad and speak a foreign language in your everyday life, it is incredibly fast to start forgetting words of your mother tongue and losing the habit. That’s why Italian will be, at least for now, the principal language of Alles Tip Top !: I want to keep a contact with it, and writing is  a way of keeping it fresh and alive.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of creating sort of an “international” blog, something also understandable to people who don’t speak Italian. In order to do so, my goal is to translate at least half of the contents in Alles Tip Top ! into English. Time is tight, but I really hope I can manage. 

English translations of the posts will be categorized and all gathered here. Only for VIP – Very International People!

Thanks for reading!

(Image edited with BeFunky)

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