A couple of days ago, for the second time, I made a small donation to Wikipedia. 

You all know how essential the “free encyclopedia” has become in our everyday life. Personally, I use it at least once per day and I’ve never found completely wrong information or bad mistakes in it, so far. In my opinion, this chance to access such a useful service for free (and without ads distracting the reader) is a true gift, and that’s why I like to contribute to the cause, every now and then. Thanks to donations, Wikipedia can invest more resources in supporting not only me, but also – and more importantly – people with less economical and cultural means.

If you open a Wikipedia page right now, you will see a banner on top, where the Wikipedia team asks for donations; next to it, a section where users who wish to donate can choose an amount and payment method. Donating is super fast, and, when the procedure is complete, donors receive an email containing the receipt.

Not everybody can donate, of course. For those who can, instead, it is a small, but great investment.


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