For each disappointed expectation, for every failure we (supposedly) cause, for each situation which does not turn out the way we wanted, many other surprising ones may, unexpectedly, happen.

Little surprises, blessed moments of peace comforting us; friends visiting and warming our heart; flowers, books, trips, haircuts… maybe encounters which will change our lives.

“If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”

says one very special friend of mine.

Without ignoring our needs, our suffering, our disappointments, and yet without giving up the idea of making our lives better, we can, indeed, keep our eyes and hearts wide open. To find out that every single day can be a bit happy, a bit special, in its own way.

I feel unsettled, disappointed, craving to know who I am and yet scared of what I will find out, looking for answers and facing more and more questions. But it is exactly with this spirit, with the desire of improvement, with this huge, tireless faith in the future (and in myself) that I am facing all this. And – I am sure – something good, something magic will come out of it.

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Life handed me, among others, some German friends. So, instead of lemonade, we made Fleischpflanzerl, or Frikadellen (you choose).

Frikadellen: If life hands you lemons, make lemonade

They tasted amazing, and we had a wonderful time.

Being able to adapt is the opposite of weakness. It’s wisdom, it’s strength, it’s the opposite of resignation. It’s making lemonade – or, better, meatballs.

Or learning how to surf. Because, as I love reminding myself,

“We can’t control the sea, but we can learn how to surf the waves”.


(Featured image by Kevin Connors)

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